The Coaches

David T. Dobson
NSCA Certified Instructor, Level III
NSSA Certified Instructor, Level III
Paragon Master Instructor and Mentor
Jacksonville University Sporting, Skeet & Trap Team (Founding & Current Head Coach) - 32-time SCTP & ACUI Event and Divisional National Champions

Adeline R. Dobson
NSCA Certified Instructor

There are a lot of Instructors, but very few Teachers

Dobson Performance Shooting School (DPSS), founded in 1998, provides top-notch Wingshooting, Sporting, Skeet and Trap instruction/coaching to individuals of all ages, backgrounds and interests -- from the beginner to the advanced. In 2009, we expanded our mission and founded/currently coach the Jacksonville University Sporting, Skeet and Trap Team (a Varsity program since 2012). In 2010, along with Thomas Coates (one of our students), we founded the University of North Florida Skeet, Trap & Sporting Clays Team.

David is a NSCA Certified Instructor, Level III, the highest level of certification granted by the NSCA in the United States, as well as a NSSA Certified Instructor, Level III, thus making him one of only three people to hold both levels of certification. With the addition of his Paragon Master Instructor certification, David is the only one in the country to hold all three certfications. He also holds a Masters Degree in Business and has built a successful career as an IT recruiter, motivational speaker, management trainer, and business consultant. David has a passion for teaching and shooting and is not only an accomplished coach in the clay sports, but an educator in his private business practice, frequently designing and providing business training for his client companies.

Addie is also a NSCA Certified Instructor, holds a Masters Degree in Public Health Sciences, and had a career as a Senior Manager in the Public Health Sector.

Please visit the Contact Us page for a list of locations in the Jacksonville, FL area where David and Adeline teach.

Shooting Highlights
David successfully competes at the Masters level in Sporting Clays, COMPAK, 5-stand, F.I.T.A.S.C. (2000 Seminole Cup F.I.T.A.S.C. Class Champion and 2003 State F.I.T.A.S.C. Class Champion), and AA/AAA in both American Skeet and American Trap. He has won a number of titles, including State Champion across multiple events, and has been a finalist at the National Championships. Past and current Sponsors (Pro Staff) include: Caesar Guerini, Seminole Gunworks, E.S.P., Morgan Optical, Wild Hare, Royal Sporting, and Pro Ears.

1999 Sporting Clays Classic RU
2000 Seminole Cup FITASC Class Champion
2000 Florida State Sub-Gauge Champion
2000 Florida State Champion FITASC Finalist
2000 National Championship Sub-Gauge Finalist
2001 Seminole Cup FITASC Finalist
2001 Sporting Clays Classic Champion (HOA)
2002 National Championship Sub-gauge Finalist
2003 Florida State F.I.T.A.S.C. Class Champion
2003 Florida State Sub-gauge Class Champion (All Gauges)
2003 Florida State Champion Class Finalist (Main Event)
2003 Georgia State Champion (.410 Gauge)
2005 PAL Shoot Champion (HOA)
2006 IFSSR Shoot Champion (HOA)
2007 IFSSR Shoot Champion (HOA)
IFSSR Shoot Champion (HOA)

Background Information
The son of a country-hopping executive and World War II Naval Officer (UDT/SEAL), David grew up hunting and shooting clays with his father, an accomplished clays champion in trap and skeet and internationally successful live pigeon shooter. David’s unique living and educational experiences in the USA and abroad have afforded him a well-rounded and diversified perspective.

Educated in the USA and Europe and speaking several languages including French and German, David and his family returned to Minneapolis where he attended the University of Minnesota for a year before moving to Jacksonville, Florida, his current home. He attended the University of North Florida earning a Bachelor’s Degree in business, and then went on to earn a Masters Degree in Business in 1984 while working on his career in Information Systems Technology. He started his own consulting firm, Dobson & Associates, Inc., in 1990 when he also began teaching shooting to select friends and business clients. In 1997, he got introduced to English Sporting Clays, F.I.T.A.S.C. and competing, and he knew he had found his calling.

A firm believer in cross-training, David has found that shooting all three major clay sports (sporting, skeet, and trap) competitively aids in the reinforcement of both the basic fundamentals and the mental game. Contrary to the popular myth that this hurts one game or the other, David has found it is immensely beneficial not only for himself professionally as a competitive shooter, but for all of his shooting clients and students who want to get to the next level as competitors. He teaches all shooting methods and believes that it is vital that his students have a firm understanding of the basic fundamentals and an inventory of methodologies from which to choose when shooting complex target presentations.

Among his biggest influences as a professional coach and shooter himself, David credits most of all, his dear friends, Dale Bloom and Ken Branham, as well as a host of others such as Jim Arnold, Dan Schindler, Dan Carlisle, John Woolley, Ed Welch, Jose Castillo (World Champion, US Navy Skeet Team Captain), and Skipper Wright (ATA Trap Hall of Fame). However, his greatest teachers have been, and continue to be, his Students and Clients. Without them, none of this dream of teaching would be possible. Many thanks for your support, and there are just too many to list individually, but you all know who you are! You are the best!

David & Adeline (Addie) live in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, outside Jacksonville, and have been married for over 42 years. They also believe in supporting their Jacksonville, FL community and have served on a number of non-profit boards of directors. One of their favorites is Family Foundations (formerly Family Counseling Services), a non-profit, United Way Agency. A significant contribution to annual fundraising was the development and chairing of the annual Family Foundations Sporting Clays Classic Event held every year in Jacksonville, FL. This event, which began in 2004, is held annually on or about May 19 in honor of David's Father, who passed away from Cancer in 2000.

The Family Foundations Sporting Clays Classic has become a major Sporting Clays Charity event in the North Florida area, and the revenue derived from this tournament aids in helping North Florida families in distress. For further information on this wonderful agency and how it helps families in crisis, go to www.familyfoundations.org.

Thank you, Addie, for loving me so and believing in me all of these years. You are the love of my life. How lucky I am...

David Dobson Picture
830-13 A1A North, #413
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
(904) 285-9500
Fax: (904) 285-3869

David's Sponsors (Pro Staff)
(Past and Present)
Renato Gamba
Fine Italian shotguns.

Caesar Guerini
Ancient Quality Latest Technology... Caesar Guerini provides unique firearms which, thanks to their refined execution and technical innovations, represent an important innovation for hunters and shooters.

Seminole Gunworks
Seminole Gunworks specializes in the making of Precision Choke Tubes for most makes and model of shotguns. Seminole also offers a full gunshop.

Wild Hare International
Wild Hare provides an extensive line of clothing and gear for the shotgun shooter and hunter.

Royal Sporting Limited
Royal Sporting Limited supplies recreational shotgun shooters with the finest products available in the world, at a fair price with purchasing convenience. They are also the US distributor for Gamebore shotshells.

Electronic Shooters Protection specializes in quality, state-of-the-art, custom molded, all-in-the-ear, electronic hearing protectors.

Morgan Optical Sport Glasses
Harold W. Morgan, owner of Morgan Optical Sport Glasses, has been practicing in the optical field for over 45 years. His knowledge of optics, colors, and lenses has led to consulting and advising a variety of shooting enthusiasts.

Pro Ears
Pro Ears are the world’s most advanced electronic ear and hearing protection for shooting, hunting and industrial applications.

David Shoots
Renato Gamba Carrera Sporting 12ga O/U, 32" barrels
Caesar Guerini Summit Sporting 12ga O/U, 32" barrels
Porting and Custom Chokes
by Seminole Gunworks

Briley Ultimate Ultralight
Tube Set in 20ga, 28ga, .410

Morgan Optical Sport Glasses
Randolf Ranger Glasses

E.S.P. Digital ESPs
Addie Shoots
Caesar Guerini
Flyway 12ga O/U, 28" barrels

Porting and Custom Chokes
by Seminole Gunworks

Seminole Gunworks Chamber Mates in 20ga, 28ga, .410
Morgan Optical Sport Glasses
Randolf Ranger Glasses

E.S.P. Molded ESPs
Chokes and Loads by Sport
Sporting Clays and FITASC
David: MOD / IM
Addie: LM / LM
Kemen Extra
David: 8.0 / 7.5 (28g)
Addie: 8.0 / 7.5 (24g)

Small Bore Sporting Clays
Winchester AA Supersport 8.5 / 7.5

Winchester AA Supersport 8.5

Kemen Extra
David: 7.5 (28g)
Addie: 8.0 / 7.5 (24g)

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