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Recommended Media - Books, Videos, Etc.

"Take Your Best Shot" (Book I) by Dan Schindler
"To The Target" (Book II) by Dan Schindler
"Beyond The Target: An Introduction To Mental Training" (Audio CD) by Dan Schindler

Available directly from Paragon Shooting School (828-693-6600)

"Mental Training For The Shotgun Sports" by Michael Keyes, M.D.
Shotgun Sports, June 1996, (ISBN: 0925012041)
Available here at Amazon.com

"Shotgunning: The Art and the Science" by Bob Brister
New Win Publishing, December 1982, (ISBN: 0832918407)
Available here at Amazon.com

"It's Got To Be Perfect: The George Digweed Story" by George Digweed and Richard Rawlingson
Brunton Business Publications, Ltd., Hampshire, England

Any books by Michael Yardley, British Competitor and Master Instructor

"With Winning In Mind: The Mental Management System" by Lanny Bassham
Olympic Rifle Gold Medalist Champion and multiple World Champion
Bookpartners Inc., November 1, 1996, (ISBN: 1885221479)
Mental Management Systems (http://www.mentalmanagement.com), 800-879-5079
Available here at Amazon.com

"Zen In The Martial Arts" by Joe Hyams
Bantam, June 1, 1982, (ISBN: 0553275593)
Available here at Amazon.com

"Golf Is Not A Game of Perfect" by Bob Rotella, PhD
Simon & Schuster, May 9, 1995, ( ISBN: 068480364X)
Available here at Amazon.com
All of Bob Rotella's books are recommended for the Mental Game

"Golf: The Mind Game" by Marlin M. Mackenzie, Ed.D.
DTP, March 1, 1990, (ISBN: 0440502098)
Available here at Amazon.com

Sunrise Productions (http://www.sunrisevideo.com) has many great shooting and instructional videos from some of the best in the Industry

"Successful Shotgunning" by Peter F. Blakeley
Stackpole Books, September 2003, (ISBN: 978-0811700429)

Available here at Amazon.com

"Read The Line, Feel The Lead" DVD by Peter F. Blakeley
Available directly from http://www.peteblakeley.com

Manufacturer Links

Shotgun Manufacturers and Sales

Benelli USA http://www.benelliusa.com
Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta http://www.beretta.com
Beretta USA http://www.berettausa.com
Blaser http://www.blaser-usa.com/
Browning http://www.browning.com
Charles Daly http://www.charlesdaly.com
Caesar Guerini http://www.gueriniusa.com/
Krieghoff http://www.krieghoff.com
Perazzi http://www.perazzi.com
Remington http://www.remington.com
Renato Gamba http://www.renatogamba.it
SIGARMS http://www.sigarms.com
Weatherby http://www.weatherby.com
Winchester http://www.winchester.com
Antonio Zoli http://www.zoli.it

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